An incredible commercial film communicating young Estonians and asking “Where are you?”. LHV wanted the audience to reflect where they are, not just physically but mentally as well.


Famous Estonian twin directors EskoBros wrote a screenplay around nine Estonian prodigy youngsters: Jüri Belov, Anette Mäletjärv, Alika Milova, Alex Aus, Sebastian Freiberg, Karolina Kudelina, Karin Nahkur, Roosabanaanike & villemdrillem.


“All characters gave another drop of unknown magic juice into the development of the script.” – EskoBros


The project makes special the fact that it was shot on 35mm film, making it first in a while Estonian analog shot commercial. Ended up ordering film stock from Finland, a camera with specialist from Latvia and assembling a crew of technicians led by our cinematographer Toomas Tatar. Great success!


We covered nine different scenes in nine different locations with nine different cast members in two days. In total we produced two versions of the commercial film, including the directors’ cut.




Director ESKOBROS DOP Toomas Tatar Producer KIRILL VOLKOV Production Designer Paul Henrich Daude