In the depths of a cold, bleak winter, Nublu and Maria Kallastu find themselves yearning for the warmth and peace that only the sun can provide. Together, they embark on a mystical journey, invoking the sun to break through the icy grip of the season. Their powerful collaboration becomes a symphony of hope and resilience, calling upon our creator to bring light and warmth back to their world. As their voices rise and the music swells, the sun responds, bathing everything in its golden glow and restoring harmony and serenity.

The music video for “Push It” is a vibrant celebration, featuring captivating dance sequences that embody the joy and energy of summer. The choreography seamlessly blends with the music, highlighting the themes of unity and the enduring power of hope. “Push It” is a tribute to the cycles of nature and the transformative power of warmth and light.

Director’s statement:

As a longtime fan of nublu’s music and with my background in making genre films, it seemed ideal to blend genre and stylized imagery to embrace the glory of the sun. As Estonians, we know all too well how bleak the winter can get. After the team and I heard this song, we realized that the only way to interpret “looja,” which means creator in Estonian, is by taking the stance that the sun is the creator. Estonia, once a pagan land, naturally lends itself to this interpretation.

Our song, dance, and rap reflect the beauty and love for the Estonian summer, which keeps us invigorated and serves as a beacon of hope at the end of winter’s long tunnel. This is why we decided to give the video a retro feel, both in color and choice of aspect ratio. We wanted to capture the rays of warmth that now embrace Estonia in the music video as well. Estonians tend to forget the warmth of life, but we wanted to embrace and celebrate it in this piece.


Director Johannes Magnus Aule DOP Gunnar Laal Producer KIRILL VOLKOV Production Designer Janis Rizhovs Set Dresser Katharina Kuusemets Gaffer Hendrik Saks Choreographer Julia Koneva MUAH designer Johanna Velt MUAH Karoliina Villem Costume Hugo Henri Guthan 1st AD Karoliina Varret 1st AC Ingvar Heamägi Crane operator Janar Volmer Crane assistant Argo Kästik Spark Ragnar Esken Sound Designer Joonas Taimla Location Manager MARTIN PIHLAP Location Assistant Vladislav Primak BTS Photo Chrisanne Prei BTS Video OSKAR LAADA Editor Kaupo Muuli Colorist Birgit Suitsu VFX Juss Saska